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New York
Erie County
Town of Concord

 The Following from
the first page of his diary:

Chauncey P. Joslin
(nickname ‘Chance’)

Company A
Capt. R. Washburn
64th REGT.N.Y.S.
Camp R.C. Fenton
Washington D.C.

I enlisted in the
Gowanda Company.
My residence was
formally in
Springville, Erie Co., N.Y.


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January Letter from Chauncey to Mother
February Letter from Chauncey to Sylvia

February Letter to Benjamin from Selissa
March Letter from Sylvia to Benjamin
May Letter from Chauncey to Sylvia
September Letter from James Petitt to Chauncey
September Letter from Chauncey to Selissa

September Letter to Chauncey from Aunt Susan







Chauncey Pond Joslin

Born June 10, 1839
Died January 12, 1863

The Diary and letters in this website are a reflection of the care my mother, Bonita Joslin, and my sister, Jan, took in conserving the old papers in our attic.  In 1973 they deciphered the original diary, typed it on an old Remington typewriter, and had it copyrighted and published.  Recently my son, Andy, has helped decipher more letters.  We ask that you respect this and if you want to use any of this in ways other than research you contact us for permission.
Laurie Joslin

◊Please note that in my research I found that my ancestors spelled Joslin two ways, Joslin and Joslyn.  There are double entries in many on line sites and in the book found in the Cornell University Library's Making of America Digital Collection
Briggs, Erasmus, History of the original town of Concord : being the present towns of Concord, Collins, N. Collins, and Sardinia, Erie County, New York, Union and Advertiser Co.'s Print, Rochester, N.Y, 1883